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I have reopened the poll about who will win the CL. The teams that are eliminated I put between brackets. I also added the standing as it was voted for in December.
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Not very much happened due to last week European matches, despite the 3 Italian elimination, but this is about the top of the ranking, and that is pretty much clear, and besides it doesn't matter that much if you are first or second in ranking- all those teams are seeded anyway.
The domestic leagues are getting closer to the end, but still a lot is to be decided. Though the teams at the bottom of the ranking can lose their faith in playing in Europe next year.
In Cyprus last regular round has been layed and now the play-off wil start. Other countries are not yet that far.
Looking at the top 20 in team ranking we seem to see these teams return next year in CL. SOfar we are missing Bremen- pretty sure it stays like that, AS Roma-they are close of being back in the top 4 again, PSV - out,  they need to hope for a UC spot, and Zenit, who can only hope for a UC spot by winning the UC... This makes AZ (number 20) on the border of ... Read more »
Views: 862 | Added by: Ricardo | Date: 16.03.2009 | Comments (3)

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