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Reopening poll winner CL
I have reopened the poll about who will win the CL. The teams that are eliminated I put between brackets. I also added the standing as it was voted for in December.
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1 torcidero  
You made mistake in last sheets. Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split in Croatian league have got same number of points (22 round), but first place is Hajduk Split because Hajduk is better than Dinamo in internecine matches (2:0, 2:0). I am happy today, Hajduk again is two points better than Dinamo (23 round), but on end of championship if will be same number of points between Hajduk and Dinamo, Hajduk will be champion of Croatia!

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2 Ricardo  
Thanks, because Hajduk won, and DInamo didn't this weekend, this problem doe snot occur again this week. But I have mae a remark and I hope to avoid the same mistake next time it occurs. I take my domestic sheets from soccerway and they hadn;t taken that into account. I will do my best to do take it into account next time

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