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Weekend 1/3 domestic league matches are in
And it seems that all domestic leagues start playing again. After the first KO round of the UC of the winter has finished, domestically also the leagues start again.
There were some interesting results in the UC. Most top-3 teams were eliminated, so it seems more and more that the top countries challenge the CL and the sub-top countries the UC. Would it be an idea to save the CL for the top countries and the UC(/EL) for the other? I wouldn't like the idea. Though I do like that teams that lose the Q-round in CL have another go in the EL, as it sometimes is like a punishment to start in CL, when a good run in EL is sometimes more a possibility. We will see next year.
For now the CL looks again like an England vs the rest, despite not so great performance lately of Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. I do hope that 1 or more of these teams get eliminated. THe good performance of Panathinaikos would even put an extra kick to Chelsea, as there we have tan Cate who was dismissed by Chelsea ( a next round Chelsea-Panathinaikos would also be nice...)
But first this week: domestic cupmatches. It's getting time for me time to  get my cup-overview more up to date as I am scandalous behind in that....
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