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Uefa Cups by Ricardo

I have included all Q-matches and draws and calculated the countryranking '14 if the higher coeficient wins at home and draws away.
Though a lot seems certain, in this prediction Italy stays ahead of Portugal and Romani just doesnt make it to 15th.
And now this week the real work starts.
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I have updated the participants list accodring to what has been decide by UEFA. There were some team changes in Spain (Rayo->Sevilla), Greect(PAS->Xanthi), Turkey(Fenerbahec, Besiktas->Kayserispor, Kasimpasa) and Bulgaria (CSKA->Botev Plovdiv)
This has been adjusted
I also have added the prediction for the country ranking'14 and a file with the rounc per team they will reach in CL or EL...
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And all leagues have finshed. All teams that will play CL or EL are known. Under the condition that they wil get a license of course, and that makes this update probably not the final update.
Malaga will hear this week if their protest is being heared. Other teams will get a license or not. We will have to wait. All will be sure soon. The draw of the first 2 rounds will be held 24th June. 3 weeks to wait after finishing the league. And 1 week later the first round will beplayed already. For the players there is hardly any vacation. what a shame.....
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And 1 more week to go. Robben finaly won a final. and it was really him who won the final with an assist and a goal. Well done Bayern. as more often this season Bayern and Dortmund fought a pretty even battle.
Levski lost the title again vs. Ludgorets, who they beat just shortly, but now lost it agian on the last MD by not winning.
Valencia took the CL place in Spain with 1 more game to go CL-PO will be high level on the seeded side (Arsenal, Valencia, Lyon, Ac Milan, Schalke. the non seeded sides have no chance I'm afraid. sorry Zenit, PSV, Fenerbahce, Metalist and Pacos F.
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All the latest domestic info is included in the listings. CL is getting pretty blue. We are boud to have a great Cl-PO with Arsenal, Valencia, Schalke, AC Milan, Lyon. That will not be easy candidates for Zenit, Fenerbahce, Metalist, PSV and Pacos. Currently it looks like Real Socieded iso Valencia, that will be better for Zenit. PSV is just below the seeding line.
That also seems to be the case for 2 other Dutch teams: Feyenoord en Utrecht, they are the first 2 unseeded teams in EL-PO. aye, that would not be so good for the Dutch. Twente kan make temselves seeded iso Utrecht, otherwise.....
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And all the latest league updates are included. More champions are known, more CL participants/candidates are clear. The CL Play offs appear to become interesting! 10 tough teams for teh champions, but what about the non -champions, big names again! And how strong are the Iberian leagues, can Real Sociedad and Pacos Ferreira bring some trouble in this round? My own PSV just not seeded this round. Maybe Lyon failing could help, or AC Milan or Schalke, all of that is still possible and there would be more unknown teams in the CL-play offs.
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Finaly a new update. I hope there are still some people interested in this and heven't fled to other sites. Well I won't blame them. But anyway here is a new update of the CL + EL candidates for the next season!
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I have updated the domestic league and participant predictions for next season. ('13/'14)
Just before winter break. Next update will be in a month or so, but I'll try to keep it up to date.
The predicted countryranking'13 and the graphical representation will also be taken up later again. I'll try do do it including the graphical luines for the last months. That will be january...
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Hi all, I'm trying to reviatalize this site. For that I need to stop the unwanted spamming. Blocking IP's is not enough unfortunately. Therefor I have to restrict epople from posting here if they haven't subscribed here. I hope that that will help more.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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I added a list of al teams that participate in the european matches and gave the endstage which the teeam is expected to reach according to my predictions.
The list is order by country alfabetically. Behind the country name is the number of points the teams gather for the countrycoefficient (so without the bonus points the team gets for reaching a certain qualification stage or even the groupstage)
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Spain has just been crowned again as European Champion, finaly they showed how good they are in the final.
Tomorrow starts Q1 already of the new season. I have updated the countryprediction with Bursaspor in and Olomouc out. Let's hope there won't be any more intervenienices from now anymore. It would mean no good for Football...
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As EC is running clear(without Holland), I found a little time to update the countryranking'13 prediction.
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Though the leagues now have finished, the 'ball of licenses' have started. Sofar there seems to be 3 more victims: Besiktas, Bursaspor and AEK. This is updated in the EL participantslist
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And Tre Penne is the surprising(?) winner of the San Marino Campionato. They ended only 3rd in group B, but did not lose 1 singel game in the Play offs, just 1 on penalties, but by the second chance rulein the San Marino Play offs came in the final anyway and beat the Libertas that had beaten them on penalties before.
It seems all clear now, maybe just official confirmation that Zeta Golubovci became 3rd in Montenegro, as there is still a mathematical way for Mogren Budva to become 3rd, but I'm not counting on that to happen.
All is further clear now, all we need is confirmation by the Uefa, that all the participants gor their license, and that the shifting because of the titleholders is handled correctly.
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And Moldova and Malta are clear. Just Montenegro and San Marino has to finish their league, and Andorra has to publish the result of their cupfinal
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