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Domestic league update 31 May
Though the leagues now have finished, the 'ball of licenses' have started. Sofar there seems to be 3 more victims: Besiktas, Bursaspor and AEK. This is updated in the EL participantslist
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1 Keld   [Entry]
Thank you for the brilliant work. Will you be making a new prediction for the country ranking 2013, once all the license cases have been sorted out?

The suprise Nordsjælland win in Denmark, should make a significant improvement to the Danish prediction, but the new predicted point tally will be probably be hard to reach in reality, as it includes Copenhagen making it to the CL group stage.

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Of course I will. It might take some time to do that however. Busy weekend (tomorrow starting at 800 at the Tennis.. sad ) next week every evening walking 10km with school, and still at work it's crisis time with actualy overwork needed. But I'm interested, so you never know when I decide to skip some sleep and work on this instead smile

3 CySuP   [Entry]
What is diff in your country13? and how you estimate the country points?

4 Ricardo   [Entry]
I did an exercise in changing a coutries qualifiation-teams in putting all tram sin such a spot that a maximum result was gotten. That's the maximum column. I t is the maximum for the 12/13 season if all teams had qualified on their optimal league/cup-spot. Diff is the difference between the maximum and what is calculated.

Calculation is done according to the team-ranking. The higher team in teamraning wins at home and draw away.

5 CySuP   [Entry]
So if a team is estimated to reach pot2 of EL, then it is assumed that it will reach the stage of 32 of EL? If yes, then for the maximum points you count 4 wins with the two clubs of pot 3 and pot 4?

Have you taken into account the total number of the teams? Why the diff for Holland is so small compared to Ukraine and Russia? I apologize for all these questions but i try to understand what you are doing.

6 Ricardo   [Entry]
- yes if a team is in pot 2 of EL it is assumed to end up in second spot in the pool and go to stage of 32 (and lose)
I count then 2 wins at home vs. 3 and 4, and 2 draws away vs. 3 and 4. Plus a draw at home vs. 1 and a loss away vs. 1 (7 coefficient points)

For country ranking all these team-coefficient points are added and divided by the number of teams participating

Why the 3 countries are so close? because they all have some good clubs and some less clubs participating. Dutch is based on 7 teams.
But I still have to update it with the final standings of all competitions

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