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Updates 9 May
I enjoyed my holiday in Spain, on the Costa del Sol, where they were more worried about Malag ahaving to win over Hercules as the Barca-Real match. Well not really. Cafe's were completely full during the matches. Unfortunately(?) most of them were tourists (what would you expect in a tourist region :) ).
So I did manage to follow a bit of the ties, though my major intentions were not football.
Now it's back to that. I updated al league information.
It's decision time, clearly. In England, ManUtd can't really lose the title anymore, after winnign from Chelski. Arsenal dropped completely out and now must even fear for having to play Q4. In Italy Napoli also dropped out and in France Lyon took away the fight for Lille by winning over Marseille. Holland is extremely exciting, with a match next weekend between Twente and Ajax. Winner will take the title, and if PSV manages to win (though not easy), loser get only EL spot. Big money at stake there! Turkey keeps being extremely close, Romania too, as well Switzerland, and Belgium, with their weird Play-Off (could Standard, who only managed to get into the PlayOff barely on the last Matchday win the title? it sounds a bit ridiculous). ALso in Greece the 2nd spot play-off got off to an interesting start. Check moreintersting leagues like Slovakia or Austria! in Poland and Serbia the decisions look to have been fallen, but it's only over when the fat lady sings.
And have a look at the potential CL non champions Q4 we could get:
Arsenal, Villarreal, AS Roma, Bayern, Lyon, Benfica, PSV. 2 of these would be in pot 1 and 5 in pot 2!! They would so be expected to reacht the KO-fase of the CL. And certainly 2 out of these would already be out in the Qualy-round.
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1 armatura   [Entry]
Hello,I am a new member and first sorry for bed english.
I have one question,a am interested in predictions in leugue europe compatitions and i looked teams in wikipedia site predictions 2011/2012 and your predictions is not same.Why?Thank you,best regard from Serbia
United Force fk Rad Belgrade

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hi armatura, welcome.
Could you be more specific. Can you give an example of what you think is different. The wikipedia is mostly not filled in with teams yet. I fill the names, based on the current standings in the competition. They should be more or less the same, except for that I have more names filled in.

Best regards,

3 armatura   [Entry]
3rd placed team of 2010–11 Slovak Super League
3rd placed team of 2010–11 Serbian Super League
3rd placed team of 2010–11 Polish Premier League
3rd placed team of 2010–11 Croatian Premier League
St Patrick's Athletic
3rd placed team of 2010–11 Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Žalgiris Vilnius
Ventspils or Liepājas Metalurgs
Daugava Daugavpils
2nd placed team of 2010–11 Moldovan National Division
3rd placed team of 2010–11 Moldovan National Division
2nd placed team of 2010–11 Slovenian Premier League
3rd placed team of 2010–11 Slovenian Premier League
2nd placed team of 2010–11 Hungarian National Championship I
3rd placed team of 2010–11 Hungarian National Championship I
2nd or 3rd placed team of 2010–11 Umaglesi Liga
Olimpi Rustavi
Khazar Lankaran
ÍBV Vestmannaeyar
KR Reykjavík
2nd placed team of 2010–11 Macedonian Premier League
3rd placed team of 2010–11 Macedonian Premier League
Irtysh Pavlodar
Levadia Tallinn or Narva Trans
Nõmme Kalju
Flamurtari Vlorë
Vllaznia Shkodër
The New Saints
Europa League play-off winners of 2010–11 Welsh Premier League
Rudar Pljevlja
4th placed team of 2010–11 Montenegrin First League
NSÍ Runavík
ÍF Fuglafjørður
2nd placed team of 2010–11 Luxembourg National Division
3rd placed team of 2010–11 Luxembourg National Division
UE Santa Coloma
2nd placed team of 2010–11 Campionato Sammarinese di Calcio
Fair Play
Fair Play
Fair Play

This is predictions wikipedia,,,,Different is for example: Olilmpia Slovenia in your predictons is 27 -54 place,in wikipedia is in the first 27 teams...and many more.....Regards,Nikola

4 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hi armatura,
The order on the Wikipedia is the order of the acceslist, which is based on the countryranking. My order is based on the team coefficient, so on each team individually. That will be used for seeding. Apparently other teams played more CL or EL before and so though they are in country ranking below Slovenia, they are in teamranking above Olimpja, as Olimpja's team coefficient is only based on country ranking + 0.250 gained last year for playing EL Q1?
A FairPlay spot could go to an English team and that means they will have a big teamcoefficient and will certainly not be below the San-Marino team.

Does this make it clear?
Best Regards,

5 Андрюха   [Entry]
Колян, не тупи, харэ Рикарду заёбывать!
Rico, hi! Well done, good jobe! Wait your update "Prediction country ranking '12(HTML) (PDF)" and "Prediction team ranking '12(HTML) (PDF)"

6 rrr   [Entry]
Да тут наши труться)

7 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hi, Please explain what is written or else I'll remove it. I don't understand it and so can not vow for it being acceptable on this site.

The update for the '12 rankings I will probably do next week or so.

8 armatura   [Entry]
Thank you Ricardo,It is all clear.

9 Andrey   [Entry]
Sorry, Rico for russian. This I to our explained that did not reach you:)
To rrr - Колян не наш, он серб, но достал, мля! ТруТСя:)
Rico, what team are you fanat for?

10 Ricardo   [Entry]
I still don't get the Russian, Рикарду, is that me? and Да and не I think I understand, but...
Well, I prefer you write in English. If you want to write about серб and труться in your own language, please do so private or on another forum. Sorry.

My team is PSV. Unfortunately the money isgetting a problem here. And so no more (European) glory days like in the eighties or beginning of the 2000's. And missing 2 times CL is also not helping. Sunday they can reach the CL-Qualies, but that will be a tough match and besides the non-champions qualification is hard with Bayern, Lyon, Man. City, Villarreal, Benfica, Dyn Kiev and Udinese or AS Roma. And then to think they gave away the title the last few months. drawing ans losing totaly unnecessary. PSV lacks a good forward. They have one, Jonathan Reis, but he's injured very badly already for half a year and probably for another year. So watching PSV is still hoping for the best, but seeing that it ain't that much anymore like 5-10 years ago.

What's your team?

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