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Update 1 June due to Timisoara got no license
It seems sure now that Timisoara will not get a license and so will not play in the European competitions next year. Romania places shift. It means now Olympiakos Volos is now seeded in EL-Q3, because the new Romanian team Gaz Metian Medias will not be seeded there.
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1 Bobby Ribb  
It is a pity that such stories happen. Whether the have fallen as the victims of some politics or true inability to be capable and be licensed it all imposes sadness about the situation. Not a good thing for big football for sure.

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2 ekze  
Qarabağ FC should have coef. 4.233
Aalesund FK should have coef. 3.875
which makes both Belarus teams unseeded in UQ2
thanks for your work! ^^

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3 Draculis  
Let's hope good luck to Olympiakos Piraeus, one of the most promising teams of the UEFA Champions League. ΘΡΥΛΟΣ ΘΕΟΣ ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΟΣ

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