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On Vacation
Hi All I will be enjoying my vacation the coming month. Sorry there will be no updates in the predictions  2012 before Q4. I will calculate the intermediate standings after the Q-rounds, so they will be shown in the graphic afterwards. I'm hoping for some sunny days soon....
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1 Ryan   [Entry]
Hi Ricardo,

Have a great vacation. Going someplace fun and sunny this year?

I'm thinking ahead to this next year and wondering about the graph you have for 2011/12. There are two options and each one has merit. One is to start it all from scratch. That way it will be consistent with how things have been done always. The second alternative is to keep the pre-season predictions and carry them on for next year. This way the interesting changes that happened are still there to be looked at, the data doesn't go away. What do you think?

Maybe a third option is to keep both graphs for next season.

A related suggestion/question:
One thing that we don't have when we look at Bert's country ranking graph is the points. A graph that shows the country points for every year over time would be much more interesting than just the ranking. I think there is a good chance that people on the site will be interested to see it. Maybe even a team point graph? Or maybe I'm getting in the way of your peaceful vacation with all this chatter... Have fun in the sun and keep up all the great work you're doing with this site!


2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hi Ryan,
1) I intended to continue the graph from what I have sofar. So no 2 graphs, that will only make it all more complex.

2) Yes, I can make a graph for the points for a country over the years, but I still got to find a way to makt ie readable. Especially for the lower countries. I mean it's hardly visible. Bert has this nice option to select a some countries and show then only those in the graph. That would be nice. But my graphs are static pictures, based on data at my home computer. Or maybe I could select 5 times 10 countries for a graph, making 5 graphs.

A team-point graph over the years might be even more unreadable (500+ teams). That a team sometimes have coutry-points is a solvable issue, but readability is not so easy.

Maybe I can just make a excel sheet with all countries/teams points-totals and make it available on this site, so people can download it an graph the part they like.
I hope Bert won't mind that.

Keep thinking!

3 Ryan   [Entry]
Welcome back,

Hope you found some sun?

The whole question of readability is something that some of the people at Bert's site would solve in a moment. I don't think Bert would mind asking for solutions on his forum (but not forum #1! you know that one is holy!)

I can think of solutions i have seen on websites but not on Excel. For instance having the country name at the end point of its line, like on Bert's graph would help readability. Another graph solution is when scrolling the cursor on a line the name of the country it represents pops up. That one might be available on Excel in some way. The way I read your graph is to zoom it up to 400% because only then you can see the little changes from week to week, so maybe that's the solution, stretch the graph 4 times longer but then have the name of the country pop up when you scroll on a line, and the name of the country at the end of the line also highlights. There is an option in Excel to have the name of the country and the value of the points on every dot show up when you hover with the cursor over it. I'm sure it's all as easy as chewing gum for someone who lives with Excel and creates graphs every day. Thank god I don't have to.

Having two or more graphs for teams or even countries is a solution but I just don't think it's elegant.

What an evening we had last night, there will be many surprise names in the group stages!


4 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hi Ryan.
The option to show the countryname and value is available in Excel, but what's on my site is just a pdf-document with a picture in it.

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