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New Team and Countryranking 2012 prediction
I made a new team- and countryranking'12  prediction.
Spain will have the best year, with Barca (of course) winning the CL, while Sevilla takes the EL.
England a bit less, despite ManUtd in teh final and Chelsea in the semi of CL nd Spurs in the semi of EL.
Portugal will too be having an excellent year, passing France and reaching out to Italy.
The top-9 seems a clear one with Netherlands having a godd run in EL(PSV to semi) making them get closer to Ukraine.
Interesting will be fight for 12th spot between Denmark and Belgium, and fight for 15th spot between Scotland, Switzerland and Austria.
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1 Kerzha   [Entry]
It will be very important for Denmark, who wins the Danish Cup final and who finishes 5th. If FCM wins the cup and doesn't end up in 2nd place, then AaB could very well get 5th place, which means a spot in EL Q2. They will be seeded all the way to the group stage. Their team is not nearly as good as a few years ago, but they could make it.

2 Putzeijs   [Entry]
Belgium wil nearly be at full strenght. 4 of the top 5 teams are qualified.
Unfornunately our Champion will have to pass 2 rounds without beeeing seeded (not even in ELQ4).
They were happy to draw Porto in ELQ3 last summer (commercial point of view). But if they had an easier draw (like Gent did vs Feyenoord) they could have gained some points in the EL group. Those points would have made them seeded in CHL Q3.

3 Ricardo   [Entry]
I think that indeed both Belgium CL teams will have a tough Q3 round (Standard being seeded but still). If they survive it, they will be playing in a groupstage, and that makes a lot of difference, so these first matches are the most important, strangely enough....

4 Metallica   [Entry]
As always underestimate Ukraine, but once again we will disprove your assumptions. Do not forget that the Championship of Ukraine is one of the fastest growing in Europe

5 Draculis   [Entry]
And dont rule out Greece because Olympiakos is a very strong team and will be in pot 3 of the UCl group stage. Its the only Greek team that can impress Europe and i know that beacuse I live in Greece. So, maybe Greece has a team at the UCL top 16 and that changes 9th place battle

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