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Latest domestic league results and CL-MD 5 included
All latest information posted. Russian league is now also almost ended, at least eruropean spots are taken, except for the cupwinner spot.
And MD5 of CL gave us now already 12 out of 16 qualifiers for the knock-out phase. Also 5 teams already know that next round will be their latest. This season.
We saw Spartak losing the match with OM resulting in dropping back to the EL. Will that cost Russia the  6th spot? Of course Portugal still have all their chances to make it on their own.
Next week we will see El MD5 and there much more teams will drop out.
Interesting battles are there for 6th spot. I think that Portugal has qualified all their teams already for spring, but Russia also has most teams qualified for spring. This will be continued in spring. Ukraine is doing also good, but needs to perform fantastic AND a complete downfall of both the other 2 countries to make   chance.
The battle for 9th spot seems decided, with Turkey and Greece losing more teams and so not being able to catch up with Holland.
Battle for 12th spot also seems  over Denmark holds it and is doing still great with FCK.
Battle for 13 is still open. Belgium has the advantage with Anderlecht, but they are not through yet. Absolutely not. And Steaua can take their chances, though will need to outperform against an awakened Liverpool. And there is also still the Rangers, a solid team, that is hard to break, while Switzerland has Basel. And maybe Young Boys.
This last battle also includes the battle for the 15th spot, as 16th country lose a european spot.
It is a real EL battle here, some will be decided by who will qualify from the EL groups in the first place and finaly everything is decided in the knock-out phase of the EL.
A final note about the CL. qualified sofar are:
3 English teams, 3 Spanish teams, 2 German teams, 2 Italian teams, 2 French teams.
So all top-5.
And I wouldn't be surprised if added would be 1 English, 1 Italian, so another 2 top-5
So the exceptions are this year: Shakthar and escpecialy FCK
Congratulations! And I will cheer for them, but I'm afraid it will be hard to get another step further for them
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1 Kerzha   [Entry]
Fantastic with another update; this is really a great piece of work. As a Dane and as a FCK fan i obviously cheer for them too.

I found the result of the finnish fair play competition. If Finland is to get the Fair Play spot again, it will be Vaasan Palloseura(VPS) that gets the spot. They were forth in the competition, but Honka, HJK and KuPS have already qualified for Europe.

In Denmark it will be Lyngby right now, but in Denmark the league is only half done, so i don't know if neccesary to change that spot back and forward.

Hopefully UEFA will release a half year Fair Play ranking like last year, to give a hint of the spots.

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Thanks for this info, yes Fair Play is always an uncertain factor. England got it once, Holland was close sometimes, but I guess after teh WC final Holland does not stand a chance. Though Spain might be having a problem due to the 2 Madrid red cards vs. Ajax :-)

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