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ELMD6 and latest domestic results are in
Aye, forgot I hadn't had chance to update it all after the last EL MD. Sorry.
Since then some countries have started their winterbreak, so not too much happened. But still.
It's all in now.
According to my sheets it's still Portugal who will be 6th, but they are going down. But as Russia also goes down and Ukraine is climbing , it can still become a great fight.
No direct encounters showing up in the draw, maybe Porto-CSKA in the next round, so no double point matches, but all matches will count.
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1 Andrey   [Entry]
Rico, in your articles there are a few errors.
1) PorUC4 Nacional Madeira have rank 12,519.
2) Portugal have rank 8,519, Holland - 7,425, Russia - 8.408 ... et cetera
3) Why do not you take into account winner EL (Titleholder)?
3) England presently is in a position to present a club through the tour of fair-play.

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hi Andrey,
1) Is Nacional Madeira and Nacional Funchal the same? I have 12.519 for Nacional Funchal, but thought it was a different team from Nacional Madeira.
2) Yes, sorry, forgot to include latest teamrnakingpoints
3) Because the spot is most of the times not used (last year was an exception)
4) In my next update I will use Sweden, Norway and England as fairplay-teams

3 Andrey   [Entry]
Hi, Rico!
We in Ukraine respect your Internetresource. With interest we look after your prognoses. We hope that you are more frequent you will be to renew him.

4 Andrey   [Entry]
Nacional Madeira = Nacional Funchal

5 Ricardo   [Entry]
Thanks Andrey,
I will update it and use it in the next update!

6 Agent_lik   [Entry]
I have a suggestion. More and more people from Ukraine are interested in your site and your work. May be you 'll do ukrainian version of the site? ))

Or you will add a counter of visitors by country? ))

7 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hi Agent,
unfortunately my Ukranian is non exsistent. And since I changed my job 3 yars ago I have no more Ukrainian colleague (she was nice!) to help me with it :).
Regarding the counter: there is a counter available on the home site and if you click on it you can find more numbers per country and more..

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