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Domestic update 29 May (final update)
And all leagues have finished, all Cups have their winners. It seems we have all teams in a row, ready for qualification. Of course we still have to wait for teams that are rejected their license (Timisoara?),  teams getting disqualified and other stuff. But all matches on the field are played.
The new season can start!
(time to start working on the new season :) )
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1 Amir  
You should just update the predicted country rankings I guess...

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2 Ricardo  
You mean the 2012 predictions? That will be done soon yes. 2011 can also still be updated with the realisation.

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3 Ryan  
Thanks so much Ricardo for all your work this year! Great! I really admire the new forcasts for 2012 you had put out months before the season ended, and the graphical representation too.


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