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Domestic results included 24 Mar
Hi I have included last weeknd results. I also started with all the domestic cups, as they are reaching their semi finals now and get know. But this week is a moving week, as some cup matches are being played while I'm working on this. I'll continue with this the next time, but didn't want to keep the latest standings from you.
Also some Play Offs have started already, others are bound to begin. I don't think all is already correct in the sheet, but this will also follow shortly.
With the current standing it looks like a lot of new teams will join the CL. In the Non Champion Playoff, 4 of the 5 top-5 teams are not-seeded. That can't stay like that, can it?
I also noticed I hadn;t used the correct acces list, giving Andorra 4 teams coming season, wow, that's something. That is repaired.
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1 Metallica   [Entry]
When will the next update?

2 boss   [Entry]
Now biggrin
I try to do itevery monday evening, but from this week on my tennis has started again on monday evenings, so it's harder to find some time...Sorry no promises

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