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Domestic leagues update 30 april
We are reaching the endstage of this season. And we are heading for an interesting end of the season. INcredible how many CL (and EL) spots are still open and how close the competition is.
In England we have Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle and Chelsea all within 2 points with 3 matches to go. in Spain Valencia and Malaga seem to just fight for who is in GS and who in the qualifying round, but Levante is just 3 points behind and also here are just 3 matches to go. In Germany all is clear, in Italy Napoli, Udinese, Inter and Lazio all have the same number of points with 3 matches to go. Just 1 will be allowed to go into the qualification rounds of CL  In France Lyaon and Rennes seem to be too far behind to get into the CL spots. In Portugal Braga begins to choke and let Sporting get closer. In Russia the play off is 3 matches before the end, but it's impossible to say who will take the spot beside Zenit: DInamo, CSKA, Spartak, Anzi(can Hiddink pull out another rabbit out of his hat?), even Lokomotiv and Rubin still might dream(a bit). In Ukraine it's the default 2 and in The Netherlands Ajax clinched the title, but second spot is open to Feyenoord, PSV, AZ, Twente, Heerenveen. Just 2 matches to go.
And there are many more fights to find. Just have a look at Belgium, Romania, Poland (5 teams within 2 points, all going for the title, 2 matches for the end!!!. The sad part here is that nr.5 will get nothing, not even EL), SLovakia, Moldova, ....... Check it out. You want to follow this!
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1 Zaporozhets   [Entry]
Well done, Ricardo! I would only mention to correct PSV being ranked twice in EL preds.

2 Zaporozhets   [Entry]
And one more to go: ETO Györ qualified for European football but will not get a licence, sais Bert.

3 Ricardo   [Entry]
I have made these 2 updates, though I think there is still appeal possibilities currently for the teams that got no license in the first place. We'll see.
Updates are uploaded too. so you can check

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