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Domestic leagues update 2 May
As there were  a lot of midweek matches I decided to give an update with all latest scores included.
Where I was exciting about the English fight for CL -spots, it seems now Chelsea's best(only?) chance is to win the CL. In Italy Inter has lost and will receive Milan this weekend, who is fighting for the title. Will Inter miss out completely on European football, though I guess they won't be interested in EL... In France Lyon will miss CL very probable, despite their pot-1 coefficient. In Portugal Braga keeps losing points, will the end of the season be close enough? In Russia CSKA has taken a little lead for econd spot, but the way things go in the play-offs nothing is sure, with 2 matches to go. In Holland Feyenoord won again and so still leads the fight for CL-Q4(Ajax take  the CL-GS spot)with 1 match to go. PSV is behind them on 1 point and Heerenveen on 3 points. And this weekend is: Heerenveen- Feyenoord. Because PSV is cupwinner and Hercles cup-loser and far away in the league there is the strange situation that if Heerenveen loses, they are sure of EL, and if they win also, though it might even be CL. But if they draw, they will probably(if PSV wins) have to play play-offs for a EL-place. This is so weird.
In Ukraine Dyn. Kiev seemed to have lost the championship on the last-but-one day by only drawing with Zarya. And have Nordsjaelland made he championship fight interesting by winning over FCK and thereby halving the advantage of FCK 4 matches to go. Anderlecht is as good as champion now.... 
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1 Putzeijs   [Entry]
Ricardo, Genk is in your prediction the top NOT seeded team in EL Q4, but is also in pot 4 of EL groupstage.
Which one is wrong?

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
That is because of the titleholder spot, I haven't put a titleholder int he groupstage, but still have only 62 matches, thus 31 qualifiers from EL-Q4 +6 direct teams of the top-6 countries + 10 CL-Q5 losers make 47, where there need to be 48.
It will need to be adjusted, and it will after we know who will be the winner (Atletico or Athletic and where they will end in the Spanish league(Atletico now on the direct spot already)

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