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Domestic league updates 5 April
While looking with one eye to Barca-Arsenal (less attractive as last week) I put all latest results in my sheets and publish it here.
ManUtd without Rooney seems suddenly vulnerable; can Chelsea and Arsenal profit from this (Chelsea did it!) Maybe even Bayern can tomorrow!
In Spain this weekend is The Match, ok there are 7 other matches still to be played, but Barca-Real coud be the title-decider......
In Italy all is possible Inter, AS, AC, who will tell
In Germany Bayern has taken over from Schalke again
In France Bordeaux is losing their advantage very quick
Romania is absolutely impossible to tell
Portugal seems to be getting clear: Benfica
And in Holland Twente seems almost sure, though they got a tough 4 matches to go still
In the mean time Messi made a couple of great goals (now 3-1), making me want to stop this and go back to  watch :)
Well - keep following all the leagues to see for instance that now the top-5 entrants in the Non-champions Play Off are all 5 non seeded! Easy to keep them seperated, no need for hot& cold balls.
Of course this will change still, but it means current calculation sees max. 3 tams per country in the CL-GS: My kind of CL!
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1 Amir   [Entry]
Sevilla is above Mallorca because of their H2H.
And in France, although you are right, Bordeaux and Marseille have 2 matches less, which makes Lyon 3rd in some sense.

2 Metallica   [Entry]
Metalist Kharkiv have not correct coefficient should be put in place 25.410 25.910

3 boss   [Entry]
@Amir, Those decisions are hard to manage. I download my standings from soccerway, and I can make updates to it, but those are manual, and should be repeated each time and so easily forgotten. I will keep tis in mind, but am not sure if I will adjust it. In the final standings I will update it f course smile But thanks anyway, and sorry for not promising

@Metallica, Where have you found this 25.910? I download my information from Bert's site and there it says 25.410. If I'm mistaken please explain. Thanks

4 Metallica   [Entry]
All of ukrainian teams have ?,910. For example Shakhtar 73.910 Dynamo 42.910 Dnepr 14.910 and others...

5 boss   [Entry]
starting this season 09/10 teams can get 0.250 and 0.500 for teamranking in the qualification rounds ofthe EL and CL, just by playing in a round
I think it is 0.250 for EL-Q1, 0.500 for EL-Q2, 1.000 for EL-Q3 and 1.500 for EL-Q4
0.500 for CL-Q1, 1.000 for CL-Q2 and CLQ3 and CLQ4 teams always play in a next round to get points there.
So this might lead to different numbers behind the decimalpoint within 1 country.

6 Metallica   [Entry]
Thanks, you are right boss...that's my mistake wink

7 boss   [Entry]
Don't call me boss, it's just me, Ricardo, but I forgot my password so I have used my 'other' userid since. I should be able to work around this of course, being the boss cool ......

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