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Domestic league updates 16 May
Wow what a champion weekend. Welcome Barca, Inter, Cluj, Bursaspor, Basel, etc. etc.
We're getting very close now. Still only 4 champions to go: Bosnia, Hungaria, Luxmebourg and San Marino.
All teams are starting to turn blue in my sheets to confirm their status. We sse some big teams in EL Q3 showing up: Liverpool, Juventus, Sporting, Galatasaray, BEsiktas even has to start in Q2. That's just a couple of days after the WC-final! Q3 is just over 2 weeks later. I'm afraid that there is not ebough time for vacation for some players. And I'm not even talking about Q1 that is played during the WC!
That's it for now for the daily update. I guess next will be after wednesday matches...
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1 KKS   [Entry]
Ricardo, what about Great LECH POZNAŃ !!!!!!!!!!!! Kolejorz the best!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Legionista   [Entry]
Ricardo has already mentioned that lech is a champion in his previous message. But maybe You expect that He will do it in all next news... dry

3 dinamozagreb   [Entry]
Check out Berts access list: http://www.xs4all.nl/~kassiesa/bert/uefa/access2010.html
In EL, he put CW from Finland, Malta and San Marino one round ahead.

4 KKS   [Entry]
Legionista, i know about it however, about eg Basel too

pz. podaj maila do siebie zazdrosniku, ok ?

5 dudu   [Entry]
:P :-) :)

6 Legionista   [Entry]
kascper88@gmail.com Masz, chociaz nie wiem na co Ci moj adres. Chcesz mi wyslac zdjecia z fety Lecha?

7 Ricardo   [Entry]
I will have a look and may adjust it accordingly, I remember something last year that also teams were moved from thearlieast rounds when later rounds were possible too. Bert is mostly righ anyway.

@KKS/Legionista: juz mowilem do inego ludzie, ze ja lubie ze wsytko tu pisze po angielsko. Dziekuje!
I co myslicie? Will Pogon win the cupfinal?

8 KKS   [Entry]
Ricardo, ok - sorry. We writte some part in our leangues, because of the fact, that we will tahe contact (e-mail adress)
moreover: You writte in Polish too ;-) translation :P

Pogoń Szczecin is from I league, Jagiellonia Białystok from Ekstraklasa. I think that Jagiellonia is much better team, Pogoń isn't in good form now (like their opponent in our Cup)


9 Legionista   [Entry]
Hey Ricardo, Legia and Pogon fans are good friends so I will also support them this Saturday. Pogos must win the trophy, there is no other option!

However It won't be easy as Jagiellonia has a decent team (decent only in the poor Ekstraklasa of course, in the European Cups they would be insignificant team). I would say chances are: Jagiellonia 70% Pogon 30%.

I saw that you won FEPG on the forum - congratulations! smile

10 KKS   [Entry]
why aou Ekstraklasa is poor ?? traduce it?
Ekstraklasa isn't so excellen, but.......................

@ - you know

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