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Domestic league updates 14 March
I included last weekends domestic league results. Already a few play-off groups have started and in other countries they are getting close. Teams with no chance to reach the European Cups are there already: some white spaces are growing at the bottom of the tables. In the mean time the Cups themselves are almost at the quarters. just 12 more matches this week, with 12 eliminated teams, causing still some important decisions for this years country ranking: Who will be 3rd? Can Germany reach Italy. And can Belgium reach 13th spot this year, causing a certain CL-GS spot. All for 2011/2012 season of course...
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1 Legionista   [Entry]
Hello Ricardo, this is Legionista from kassiesa forum.

I checked the table for the Polish Ekstraklasa, but completely don't understand what those figures means (Q1,Q2, minus points), could You explain it to me?

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hi Legionista,

The idea is that that figure gives the distance a eam has to a spot in Q1, Q2, etc. The left part means CL-Q1, Q2, the right part is the EL-Q1, Q2, etc.
With the new system that was introduced last year it has gotten much more complicated, as every spot starts in anoter round. Therefor I can not gurantee that it is still correct. Also because the cupwinnerspot is difficult. I mostly take the next team in league(given green in the league-view) to take that spot, and that makes it even harder to understand.

3 ekze   [Entry]
You can exclude FK Moscow from the list...
The club is disbanded. I guess Saturn Ramenskoe will take its place in EL

4 Legionista   [Entry]
Ok, thanks a lot. Everything is clear now.

For example in Poland only if 1st, 2nd or 3rd placed team will win the cup, then 4th team will play in the EL and Lech Poznan is already out in Polish cup.

By the way - very useful site and statistics, I will visit it regularly biggrin

5 Amir   [Entry]
Actually Saturn has no chance to play in EL... You should take Amkar (as the highest ranked team that still has a chance to qualify) or Sibir (assuming the best ranked team always wins) instead.

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