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Domestic league update 9-11-11
Just before some NT play their most important matches, I found some time to update domestic leagues.
All summer leagues have their champions crowned, congratulations to them all of course. Now you can see what is their fate. Well, with the new EL system there will be a massive 39 EL-Q1 matches played in June, directly followed by 40 EL-Q2 matches. In 1 month a lot of the teams already are out of the competition, while the summer has not even begun. Sorry, I don't like the new system
For now it looks like we will have an interesting CL non champion play off again, with Chelsea, Shakthar, AC Milan,  CSKA, Sporting, Olympiakos, Twente, Lille. Of course a lot will still change (except CSKA, they are qualified already)
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1 OmoniaFan   [Entry]
Dear Ricardo,
I want to congratulate you for the great work you do and for the helpful info you provide.
When do you expect to update your CL predictions for 2012?
I am really looking forward to it, as I am hoping that Omonia will eventually manage to be seeded in the 3rd QL of Champions League next year.
Thank you, and keep up the good work.

2 Metallica   [Entry]
Ricardo, where are updates???=((

3 perica   [Entry]
just one thing:

according to bert's site both rnk split and slaven koprivnica (croatian clubs) have a coefficient of 4.774, while you've put 3.774 in the EL predictions pdf

is the mistake yours or bert's? or have I misunderstood something?


4 Ricardo   [Entry]
ofcourse Bert is right. General idea is that Bert is correct. I am not as dedicated or fool-proof as he is. (sorry)

@Metallica; NOW, here they are(phew finaly)

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