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Domestic league update 2 May(2)
As said another update. Interesting time to follow. ManUtd trailing Chelsea. Madrid chasing Barca, Roma - Inter, it's just a few matches left and tension is now the key-word. And maybe fixtures? For France it's Wednsesday Lyon-Auxerre. This could be a CL-berth at stake here! Shakthar-Dynamo Kiev. also on Wednesday might decide the championship (might or will?!).
And Wednesday is Mallorca-Madrid: THis means either Madrid will b out of the championship race or Mallorca might have to leave the CL to Sevilla....
Other interesting championship or CL-berth fights are in Romania, Czech, Serbia, Israel, Poland.
Follow the latest developments on Wednesday!!
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1 ShakhMATist  
Hi, Ricardo!:) I can't understand, why in UQ2 Torpedo Zhodino (42, 43) is there two times?

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2 ChristoF1  
Great work!! KR from Iceland has 2083 points.

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3 Ricardo  
HI ShakMATist. Sorry, apparently only the PDF version had it correct, I'll try to do a quick update....

Christof, you're right, an incorrect name connection. I hope this doesn't mean there are more of them suddenly.....

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4 Ricardo  

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5 ChristoF1  
In Azerbaijan FK Baku and Garabag Agdam have 2.599 points

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6 Ricardo  
Thanks Christof.
I found a few more. I hope all correct ones will be there with the next update.

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7 Jarek  
Bohemians Dublin has 2.098
Great work!

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