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Domestic league update 27 April
Sorry, not really time to point you at all great leagues going on. Every body sees the ManUtd-Chelsea fight, or the Inter-Roma (now Inter up again). But what's going on in Albania? Dinamo lost their last 5 matches and now only has 9 pts advantage there. Can they still lose the title????
Congratulations to Rangers and The New Saints.
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1 igorinho  
Please be informed that Serbia have only 30 rounds in this season, not 33.

Here is only four rounds left before the end of chamiponship

Please note it

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2 Ricardo  
Thanks, I will update the sheets accordingly. But how is this done? The league has 12 teams, so each team home and away makes 22. How are the other 8 decided?

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3 PSK  
It seems to me, that there are 16 teams in the Serbian Superleague, which gives 30 matches.

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4 igorinho  
No, Dear Ricardo, we now have 16 clubs and 30 rounds. And I really hope that current leader could still champion yet again :-) Partizan Belgrado

You have my mail adress and please contact me for all necessary information regarding Serbian football

bye friend

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5 ekze  
Please, change that 'Sibirsk' name...
Its 'Sibir' from the city of Novosibirsk...

Thanks ^^

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6 Ricardo  
ayayay, So I have been putting only part of the league for the majority of the season. I feel very ashamed.
Sorry. From next update on it will be 16 teams in the league....

@ ekze. I have changed the Cupfinal now in Sibir Novosibirsk - Zenit Sint-Petersburg. Is that OK?

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7 Kaiser  
No! It's sAint not sint! Though the initial city's name was smth like Sint-Piter-Burgh...

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8 ekze  
Yeah, its Saint Petersburg, but you can just type St. Petersburg, it would fit ^^

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9 Ricardo  
Sorry, but due to the downloads I'm using the Dutch names for it. ANd that saus Sint Petersburg. I'll keep it in mind next time refering to it though..

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