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Domestic league update 24 May
And 2 more champions are known: Debrecen (despite losing their match!!) and Zeljenicar. Congratulations!
1 to go: Tre Penne or Tre Fiori. Of importance for the CL Q1 seeding.
Still also some cupwinners have to be decided to complete the field.
Saturday Inter won, and also this way kept the 4th CL berth for Italy. For 2011/2012. We'll see next year if they can keep it also for 2012/2013, but they will have to really improve for that. And Germany will need an off-year to give away the 5 points advantage....
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1 olly   [Entry]
Two minor remarks:

* Can you include the effects of the result of the CL final in the prediction for EL/CL sheets?
* There is some inconsequence in the numbering of qualification rounds in the CL-qualification:
For example in the last column with FC Kopenhagen the best team in pot 4 your write: "CQ2CQ3CLG4", but kopenhagen started in Round 3. More logical is "CQ3CQ4CLG4", which is similar to the notation in EL.

Great work!!!

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
wow olly, you do spel it out. I didn't realise it wa read so carefully. You are completely right. I noticed I hadn't updated the latest country/team ranking indeed.
I expect all your remarks are corrected now.

3 olly   [Entry]
Thanks ricardo. I tried to read the pages carefully. Still little bit confused on the "possible rank points" column. But think their might be some errors there too (Ajax in Q3 for non-champions; most teams in pot 1). As I understand it, the all should be 0 now, with all results (except San Marino) known...

In Q2 (CL) you can change the "history" of the teams from Q1 (currently: Santa Coloma and Birkirkara) into "CQ1CQ2".

4 Ricardo   [Entry]
Yes, I'm sorry for that possible ranking points. It was working so good. But with the introducton of Q4 I actualy had to redo it all. Which I never did (yet). There always used to be a problem, if 2 teams could enter at the same level, as it calculates the minimum possible points of a team that enters for a country at a certain level. With 2 teams entering it kept calcualting the minor and as maximum the major of the 2 teams.

Also the CQ1CQ2 for SantaColomna and Bikirkara is because of the extra Q-round: I never added the calculation/search in this round. sad (I was hoping no one ever would notice smile ). Your noticing will stimulate me to take some time (in the near futre) and restore these incorrectnesses.

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