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Domestic league update 19 April
New domestic updates are in. Anderlecht is the new Belgium champion, congratulations!
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1 Kerzha  
Great work once again. As a dane i'm happy that we are seeded to have 1 team in CL group stage and two in the EL. That would really be great.

I can see that you have Blackburn as the English UCFP. Do you have a new ranking? the last i have seen shows Fulham as the possible UCFP team right now.

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2 Ricardo  
HI Kerzha,
Blackburn was a mistake. I tried to take Swedish, Danish and English Fair Play team, but due to the ranking shift I suddenly had Blackburn and no more Fulham...sorry.

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3 Metallica  
sad HI Ricardo
Is the Dnieper rating 14,910 to be sown in 4 skill EL??whan do you think smile

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