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Domestic league update 12 April
I added this weekends results. Congratulation to Panathinaikos!
I wonder which other champions we weill have: Chelsea? ManUtd slips again. Barca- they beat their biggest rival, but still have the CL to play too. AS Roma? Inter is missing it, Bayern-as Schalke lost again - Olympique Marseille, as Bordeaux slips up, they keep on going........
Shakthar let Dyn.Kiev come by again, Twente keeps just ahead of Ajax and Cluj just ahead of Steaua?
There will be some mid-week Matchdays to get closer to the end decisions.....
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1 Kerzha   [Entry]
I think you have made a small mistake when you have put AaB as the danish fair play spot in the Q1 of EL. You can look at this list: http://www.dbu.dk/sr/poolFairPlayPosition.aspx?poolid=88910
and see that it is actually Brøndby that is in possesion of that spot right now, as FC København is already qualifing through the league.

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hi Kerzha,
The whole fair-play part is stilll very much not correct. The Uefa will somewhere end of May, I believe, tell which countries will get these fair-play tickets.
For now I have assigned the 3 spots to Nothern countries who often are high on the list, and within these countries I have assigend them to the next in league, which currently is indeed AaB. But the fairplay-teams can be teams with small or high coefficients, it's pretty impossible to predict this.
Last year, or the year before, there was a topic on Bert's forum with the teams for each country. I don't believe it is there yet for this year. It would be interesting, as you can then also assign coefficents to those teams and see if there would be any difference depending on which country will get the spot.

But thanks for remarking this and I hope you'll keep me informed if it more clear either about the countries that get the spot, or from Danmark (or another country) if the candidate is known.

3 Kerzha   [Entry]
Well at the intermediate uefa ranking from January 1st - http://kassiesa.net/uefafiles/2009-10-uefa-intermediate-fair-play-ranking.pdf.

It's Sweden, Denmark and England. As the swedes play calendar year seasons, it's already clear that Gefle will be the swedish Fair Play team, should they keep a top 3 spot, which is very likely. In Denmark is it not settled yeat, bus as i wrote above Brøndby is right now in that fair play spot. In england Arsenal tops the list, but they are quilafied for Europe. Next two teams in line are Tottenham and Fulham. If they both quliafy at other ways, then Burnley is granted the spot.

So to sum up, if you were too choose the most likely participants right now, it will be Brøndby(Denmark), Gefle(sweden) and Fulham(england). Gefle is almost 100 % sure to be in EL.

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