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CL MD6 included
All latest results of the last CL matchda are include in new rankings. Including the seeded/not seeded of the EL dropouts. This last thing causes some shifts and makes Portugal drop down again a bit. Will there still be a big fight? I expect one. 4 Portuguese teams in EL, 4 Russian teams in EL and for Ukraine 1 in CL and 2 in EL. And depsite that Holland has also 3 teams in EL they won't get into this battle for this OR next year. With Greece coming up, they better look down now.
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1 vorten   [Entry]
Hello, Ricardo! Thank you for your great work.

There is a mistake in club rankings prediction, i think - Werder now has 92,254, and you predict only 92,054.

Sorry for my english - it is not my native language biggrin

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
You are right there was an error, I had the last match still as a draw.
But that means Werder has 93.087 if Germany fulfills their destiny on getting a countrycoefficient of 16.667 this year
My sheets will be fixed with the next update.

Your English is perfect. At least to me. It's not my native language either, but I understood what you mean(and I'm not sure if I would write it differently), so the language is perfect! smile

3 Kerzha   [Entry]
The Fair Play ranking for the first half of the year was announced. As expected Sweden is among the top three nations, which means that BK H├Ącken should stay as a Fair Play representative. The other two countries that earns a fair play ranking is Norway and England. The norweigan season is over and if they stay in top 3, Aalesunds FK will get the fair play spot. The English season is far from over, but right now Fulham looks to grap the spot.

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