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6 november: MD4 of CL/EL Groupstages included
And the groups are getting clearer. ome teams have already qualified for CL last 16, Chelsea, ManUtd, Arsenal, why always the English clubs? Well Liverpool seems in real trouble this year.
Looking at the exepcted country ranking, it didn't change that much, though in the graph you can see that France really does much better as expected. Holland can still count on an enormous point amount this year of over 12. Due to PSV in semi's of EL, AZ in quarters and Ajax in last 16. Though that's not that likely to happen, Holland, Portugal and Turkey seem to get more points as Russia and Ukraine, making this for next year (countryranking'11) a closer battle
In the mean time Domestic leagues also go forward. Summerleagues are reaching the end, most champions are known already. Those sheets are updated too
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1 Ryan   [Entry]
Thanks for the update Ricardo!

On the graph link, I can't see the country charts. The names are there and the space for the charts too...

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Sorry Ryan, I don't know what went wrong, but it is corrected. It' the best part of these sheets (I think ;))

3 Overgame   [Entry]
I just wanted to point that Arsenal isn't qualified yet :p They might be out if they lose the 2 remaining games and AZ-Olympiacos ends with a draw.

4 Osiris   [Entry]
Hi Ricardo,
the correct official name of the Ukrainian club is Dnipro (from Ukr lang) not Dnjepr which is from Rus lang. Compare Shakhtar (Ukr)- Shakhtyor (Rus)

5 Osiris   [Entry]


6 Ryan   [Entry]
Thanks for the graphs Ricardo! Any chance you'll do an early 2011 country ranking? (I know I ask every year but maybe this time...)

7 Ricardo   [Entry]
Overgame, of course you are right, but in this case I try to add just a little bit from my self to the cold numbers. And you got to admit. You don't see Standard winning at Arsenal with 2 goal difference too, and losing the next match on top of that.

Osiris, sorry these names come from the Dutch version of Soccerway, and there they write it like this. I'm afraid I can't do much about it. Sorry

Ryan, I keep it all the time in the back of my head and am slowly turning my sheets into something that should make it possible to give for the next year the numbers. It's going too slow, I know, I'll have another look soon how far I can get currently.

8 Ryan   [Entry]
Thanks Ricardo

9 Peter   [Entry]
Actually Ricardo, Arsenal hasn't already qualify for the CL 16, if they loose both games they can get eliminated

10 Osiris   [Entry]
Hi Ricardo,

no news from you for a long time...

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