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2 oktober Updates with MD2 of CL&EL
Still not many changes in the rankings, though they did happen: Celtic was passed by Hapoel TA, Bilbao passed Austria. Olympiakos passed AZ. This did not do much for Holland, but it raised the Greek ranking a bit.
Currently it still looks like an extreme close fight between Russia and Ukraini for 6th spot. Holland would win the 9th spot race. (If only matches were based on coefficients ;)).
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1 Alex  
There is an error in the extended Teamranking from place 111 on (Partizan Belgrad).

After the colums "At Start" you calculate the rank at the beginn of the season and compare it to the actual rank.

For Partizan Belgrad the actual rank is 11 the rank at the beginn of the season is 127 so the difference must be +16 and not 15!

It seems that the basic county ranking is the reasonj for the wrong calculation. So the calculation fault of the difference become bigger bigger.

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2 Ricardo  
Thanks for this remark Alex. I count the countries too on the teamranking list, and therefor it doesn't completely is correct with Bert's/Uefa ranking. I will find a way to update that. Another remark I'dd like to add is that I' rather have last year's ranking(5 year) as the ranking at the beginning of the season(4 year), but that would mean some much more work and is more complicated. If nobody is dying to get that I will put it on a long term wish list smile

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3 Alex  
Thanks for quick reply. I love this extended teamranking

Hm. Nice idea with 5 the last years ranking . the only possibility would be to ad an column with the 04/05 scores (maybe hidden) and calculate it. With the space it should no problem, cause you can reduce the width of serveral colums.

Last question: what does "bottom" & "top" mean at the last column?

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4 Ricardo  
TOP means that these are the 10 that rose the most places BOTTOM means these teams fell the most places

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5 ekze  
there is a mistake in 2010/2011 CL prediction with spartak moscow (;

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