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23 okt country/team prediction updates after MD3
I have updated the predictions with latest rsutls in CL and EL. Spain and Germany had a bad week and seem to forget about he 1st/3rd spot. Ukraine dropped a bit away from Russia, while Romania came a bit closer (despite their bad EL day). Can the 6th spot still be taken over from Russia? Rubin made it clear in Barcelona that they are not giving up the fight yet.
Switzerland has jumped over Greece to take 12th position due to the great work of Basel
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1 Osiris   [Entry]
Hi Ricardo,

You made a mistake stating one team Spartak Moscow as RusCL2 in GS and at the same time in CLQ3 and CLQ4 and in EL GS.
Russia has RusCL2 in CLGS
and RusCL3 in CLQ3 and later probably CLQ4, ELGS or CLGS


2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Thanks, Osiris, it should have been Zenit (RusCL3) in the CL-qualifiers instead of Spartak a second time.
I updated it locally and will put it on line today or tomorrow
Sorry for this. Zenit will make it to the CL-GS so Russia will have 3 teams!

3 coyzaerre   [Entry]
I wouldn't be so sure, Ricardo...

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