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21 March Prediction for Team- and Countryranking 2012
Based on predicted team and country ranking and participants I have a predicted country- and teamranking for 2012. We see France is looking to have another bad year, Portugal another good one!
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1 Ryan   [Entry]
God Bless You Ricardo! Thanks for doing this, and hope you will keep it up and graph it too???

2 Ryan   [Entry]
As always for the first prediction of the season there will be some errors, but that's just to be expected. I don't see Glasgow Rangers in the list for Europa League, and I'm sure others will find some more mistakes but never mind that!

Fascinating year with so many regular teams not sure to be in Europe next year! Looks like Liverpool will be out if Birmingham participates, because the FA Cup spot will go to Bolton or Stoke. Galatasaray and Besiktas out? Steaua, Rapid, Dinamo Bucharest? Hamburg needs to get to 5th place to be in Europe. Will Bordeaux make it?

3 Andrey   [Entry]
Hi, Rico! Thanks yet.
Again erorr:
Where is Glasgow Rangers in:
P.S. you on me in good?:)

4 Ricardo   [Entry]
you are right Rangers are missing. They are already for a long time (since the beginning of my 11/12 predictions), as I still have a CL-2 spot for Scotland in my list and that one is not used anymore. I restored it and it should be ok now.
It does help Scotland next year, with Rangers in EL they seem to manage to get to 15th spot again and regain that 2nd CL spot!
It is bound to become an interesting year next year of who will be in top-15. And will there be a battle for 12th spot? There very well might be, but we will have to wait til the groupstages begin to know.

5 Amir   [Entry]
Hi Ricardo, I think in the next update you should put Montpelier in EL (the same way you did with Shalke)

6 Ricardo   [Entry]
No. Montpellier is in the LeagueCupfinal with Marseille. Marseille is the better team in ranking and so should win. If that happens AND Marseille qualifies for CL, as they are currently aiming for, then just the next in league will qualify for EL.
For the French Cup the highest ranked teams are Lille and PSG, they are well within top-6 that I can take next in league for now for the EL spot.
With Schalke it is different as Schalke is the highest ranked team in the German league that still can win the cup, as the other finalist is 2nd league Duisburg.

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