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7/8 Update predicted teamranking/countryranking '10
After 2 weeks full of European matches in the middle of the vacation I wonder how much interesting matches will be left in september and oktober. As it looked like the old days with an enormous list of matches going on in all kind of countries. I'm afraid that in September and October, only a couple of mathces are left and mostly coming from the top15 countries
Wel I like the fall back of the champions to the Europa League. Now we know already that there will be a team from Hungary, Moldavia and Latvia playing in the Groupstage.
I fixed the link to the graph. Sorry for not realising this sooner. Though I im interested in the outcomes of all matches, the vacation time lures me outside and not to sit working on the computer to much (for pleasure, as for work I have to)
On the graph we see Portugal falling. THey lost 2 teams this week. Especially Braga was a high coefficient team, it seems that the fight who will end up on spot 10 (and so lose 1 EL spot) has already been decide before the ' real' tournament started. But of course all can still change. A lot. It still seems Holland can get close to Romania and Ukraine, but for that they need to get an enormous coefficient this year. Not that likely I'm afraid, but Portugal, Scotland, Russia, Denamrk, Greece, all losing one or moer teams is good for Holland.
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