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New Team and Countryranking made!
I have made a prediction for the country- and team ranking'10
Check it out!
Well done by Germany, Holland and Portugal, less by France.
But Ukraine keeps their top-9 spot and Holland is losing a EL-sport by dropping to the 10th spot in ranking, despite their fabulous 12 pointer(PSV going to semi final)
This new system is making the qualfication rounds very important. Let's see what awaits us! But I wouldn't be surprised if top-5 teams drop out in Q3 or Q4!
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1 Agent_lik   [Entry]
I don't understand the method of your prediction sad

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Base of the prediction is that the team with the higher coefficient wins at home and draws in away matches. So in a KO-tie, the seeded team gets 3 pts and the other 1 pt.
For the groupstages it means 9-7-5-3 for the participating teams.
If you take that into consideration, add up all these pionts and bonus points as they would be awarded if ti really would go like that, hten this is what countryranking'10 would look like.
It of course means that the top seed - Barcelona - will win the CL, which is not that simple as this.
Does this help?

3 Christodoulos Cyprus   [Entry]
Well, it is not the most trustful thing, but very good job...
keep going... :)

4 Agent_lik   [Entry]
Hm. It's interesting. Will see.

5 drunvalo_Kiev   [Entry]
Your team ranking'10 include 0,33 country's ranking.
But now it's 0,2.

6 Ricardo   [Entry]
I think I use the 20%, but can you explain why you think I used the 33%, so I can find out where I still use it?
Thanks in advance!

7 drunvalo_Kiev   [Entry]
027 Tottenham Hotspur Eng 58.749 (52.785(19))
01 England 18.071
So Tottenham would have 52.785+18.071*0.2=56.399

8 Ricardo   [Entry]
You are right.
For all the not-participating teams I added indeed the 33% of the new countryranking.
I fixed it now (Tottenham is on place 32 with 56.514, as Englands score is now 18.643. Don't ask me why that has changed, I only fixedsome GroupStage issues, that shouldn;t have changed the scores)
Thanks for this correction!

9 Agent_lik   [Entry]
drunvalo_Kiev, объясни мне как он считает. Тут похоже, все русскоязычные или с Украины, кроме самого автора сайта ))

10 XYZ   [Entry]
Dear Ricardo!
what about update of your sites?
http://uclpredictions.ucoz.com/0809/uc0910.htm and http://uclpredictions.ucoz.com/0809/cl0910.htm and much more? some seeded team have droped out.
-> and updates leagues like Russia, where they play spring-autumn?

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