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Domestic Updates 31 May
And unexpected all champions are known. I expected in Romania and Bulgaria to have to wait a bit longer. Now all that is not clear yet are the last 2 EL spots of Romania.
And ofcourse some teams that don't get a license ned to be replaced. Or TAS could still change Romanian league-standing, making the title open again. Can that still be done?
The CL and EL looks to become full of good teams again. I am already waiting what surprise we will see next year.
Last Dutch EL-spot is won by NAC. It was called an Intertoto spot ;) as it was for Q2, that starts July 6th..
Next update if there are changes due to info on licenses, Timisaora or just the next MD.
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1 xar   [Entry]
Odense finished 2nd in the danish league and should be DenUC1 instead of Br√łndby

2 ShakhMATist   [Entry]
Ricardo, Vorskla going to play in UC4, as the Ukrainian Cup Winner. So Metalurg-inUC2 and Metalist in UC3.
P.S.: You have create very good website, but You have some mistakes.

3 Ricardo   [Entry]
Finaly I got it.
The UC(/EL) particiapants lists in html format was ntot right. All Sunday matches were not yet taken into account there
I created and uploaded a new one.

If you see more mistakes, please let me know I will update them

4 tz   [Entry]
In Romania the title was won by Unirea Urziceni and runners-up are FC Timisoara, today TAS ruled in favor of Timisoara and gave them the 6 points needed. The 4 EL spots are held by CFR Cluj (they will play the cup final against Timisoara), Dinamo Bucharest, FC Vaslui and Steaua Bucharest.

5 Christodoulos   [Entry]
Will you update it?

6 Ricardo   [Entry]
I will update it. I hope tomorrow. Sorry for being late. I thought the last MD was in the weekend.

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