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Uefa Cups by Ricardo

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Domestic updates 24 May
And suddenly the sheets start to turn blue. More and more champions and cupwinners are known. Most of the leagues end next weekend, so it better should be known now.
This week is time for The Final. I missed the UC final, but hope to see some of this weeks one. Firther some final decisions to be made. Still some teams to qualify for all rounds.Who wil be champion of France, Turkey, Poland. Will Bulgarian be known before the Natioanl-Team break? The Romanian title is open again after this evenings win of Unirea over Dinamo.....
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1 Amir  
In CL Q1 there will only be 4 teams - Levski starts at Q2

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2 TheOnly1  
Also there is no TH place in the EL!

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3 Ricardo  
Yes, I will update the CL. It means Bulgaria will have to start in Q2 as was in the original plan.

I have no idea yet what will be done with the UC TH spot. Maybe it will be used, might Shakhtar lose the NC-CL Q3 tie... It is not yet clear (see discussion on forum 1 of Bert's site) Until it is clear I keep it like this.

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4 aaaaaaaaaaaaaa  
Unirzea over Dinamo BUKAREST ;)

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5 LuX'  
Lech Poznań - Poland National Cup Winner !!!!!!!!! only Lech !!!! :)

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6 Amir  
Can you please update the PDF files too?

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7 Ricardo  
pdf files updated, sorry

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8 Northern Ireland  
In Nothern Ireland Glentoran is champion, and will play CL-Q2. NOT Linfield.

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9 maxi rodriguez  
the comments (good and bad post) in this post reight site doesn't work.
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8 Northern Ireland (Today 14:29)

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10 Ricardo  
Sorry about Glentoran/Linfield. It will be updated

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