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Domestic updates 11 May
And a next step in the championships: Porto and Dinamo Kiev have won their championships. Congratulations! Barca and Inter will have to wait one more week.
But oh there are some tight championships, you should almost listen to live radio broadcasts of the final matches there. It must be great in Albania, Azerbajan, Belgium ,Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Malta, Montenegro, North Ireland, Poland, Romania, Scotland and Turkey. Just a few matches left, and still very much unclear who will win...
Stay in touch, there will be a mid week schedule in some countries (I saw it for Germany and expect other to have that too)!
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1 Druuge  
You have a typo. It's Dynamo Kyiv in Ukrainian, or Dinamo Kiev in Russian ... not Sinamo.

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2 Biagio  
hey Ricardo, not to be a pain in the neck but you are still missing ItaUC1(Lazio or Sampdoria)
i'm starting to think that don't like italian teams. :)

anyway couple or more things.

scotland and belgium championships are not finished yet. (you have their teams with blue background)

F91 Dudelange is luxembourg champion mathematically.

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3 Ricardo  
Sorry Druuge, it's updated

And Biagio, even more sorry to you. My dislike of Italian clubs (;)) shouldn't interfer with these sheets. I thought I had updated it, actualy I am sure I did it just after your previous post. But now it's gone again?
Last time it had given Lazio a coefficient of 0.000 or, so they were there but had not coefficient/ I'll check what happened this time.

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4 Ricardo  
I already see the problem: the HTML version of the uc09/10 participant list is an old version. It says 4th of May.
The pdf version is OK. I will upload the HTML version tonight.

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5 Ranca  
The finalists of the Czech cup are yet to be decided. The last week matches were only 1st leg of the semis, the second leg will be played tommorow.

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6 Ricardo  
I have uploaded the correct HTML file.
Ranca, Czech cup will be updated soon too, that maybe be after the second leg has been played. But thanks for the remark!


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