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domestic updates 3 may
Incredible league endings in various countries going on. Where in Spain and England Barca and ManUtd made it clear that they will become champion, in France Marseille stumbled, making Bordeaux coming on the side. In Belgium yesterday Standard lost points, but today also Anderlecht dropped points leaving both too equal on points and 2 exciting matchdays coming up. ALso in Turkey both top 2 teams lost their matches. In Czechia, Slavia keeps on losing: don't they want the title? In Switzerland Basel lost points and has 5 matches to get back into the race, In BUlgaria, CSKA is only 2p ahead, like Kopenhavn in Denmark, in Israel there is a tight fight, in Poland, Georgia, Azerbajan, Albania, Malta, Montenegro. All with only a few matches to go it is absolutely unclear who will win.
In France PSG missed the opportunity to get in the 3rd (CL-qualifying)spot. Lyon could be missed next season in CL, a pity, but it opens up the door for teams like (AZ &) Juventus and Valencia to get into pot 2.
This week the return matches of the semifinals: can Barca finaly score, or will Hiddink find another trick to control Barca. Will Arsenal find the weaknesses of ManUtd?
And in UC: Will SHakthar get again lucky and pass into the final, or will Dinamo set it straight, And will Bremen use that HSV should concentrate on teh Bundesliga? HSV is currently out of CL position and were stolen a victory of direct competition Hertha. Will they even bother playing in the Uefa Cup? Luckily there is no journey to a far far land....
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1 Agent_lik  
Ricardo, please change data of Armenia. Pyunik won golden match last season and go to CL.

Team like AZ is in 2 pot now. Last team isin the 2 pot, but it is in.
Dynamo Kiev must take one point for champion title.

What do you mean under "Will SHakthar get again lucky and pass into the final"?
Shaktar never pass into the final of european cups. His achievement is 1|8 UC and group stage in CL

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2 Biagio  
Ricardo in the Prediction UC participants 09/10 you completely missed ItaUC1 which is either Lazio r Sampdoria.

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3 MartinW  
Arsenal should be confirmed in the CL sheet
Everton and Aston Villa should be confirmed in the EL sheet

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4 Ricardo  
Thanks I will update this all
With Shakhtar's luck I meant the one in the first leg, where, what I have seen from it, were lucky to get a draw

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