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Main » 2008 » December » 16 » Update domestic weekend & CLMD6 15 december
Update domestic weekend & CLMD6 15 december
Sorry all for not updating last week. Too much to do and on my spare night I had not internet.
Well I updated all domestic leagues, as far as they are still running in the winter. Also the CL-GS has finished. Not much surprises has happened anymore there. I wonder if this weeks UC last MD will bring more (I hope NEC will qualify). Ukraine did very well and has a risen expectation. Fortunately for Portugal also they have risen, so they stay ahead of Ukraine avoiding the battle for the 6th European spot.
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1 AdamBox   [Entry]
Maybe I already motioned it here that there is strange situation with Polish teams. Now it seems to be quite important, so I believe it is even worthy to be said again.
Lech Poznań marged with Amica Wronki in 2005. Legally Amica changed name to KKS Lech Poznań and UEFA treat those two clubs as one. It means that we should add 3 Amica’s points from 2004/2005 to Lech rank. If we do so Lech is already seeded in CLQR3 with 9.383.
We have very similar case with Polonia Warsaw this club is legally former Groclin Grodzisk and it seems that this case is already taken into account in your calculation.
Thank you for your great work done!

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Problem is that I take Bert's rankinglist as base. And on this list, Amica and Lech Poznan are mentioned seperately, each having their own coefficient, one with the 3 gained point in 2005, one with 4 points gained this season. For Polonia its easier, as there's only Groclin in the list, and I just say that for Polonia look for Groclin.

I willl have to think about this if I can fix this somehow automatically so I don't have to think about it every week......

3 Daniel   [Entry]
BSC Young Boys Bern's coeff is not 5.050, it's 6.050?!

4 AdamBox   [Entry]
If you send me an e-mail I can send you back excel file with something what can be helpull I believe.

5 playtony   [Entry]
Ricardo, I can see, in your "Overview all leagues" table for Serbia you have put "N" for some low ranked teams for Qualifications for CL and EL. This is not really true, because Sebian league has 33 rounds (3x11).
Best regards!

6 Ricardo   [Entry]
Thanks Daniel, I was afraid I had missed a name-update already. THanks for showing me which one ( I hope this is the last :))

Thanks playtony - 22 would have been very short, more sth for Iceland or so wink

Adam - I have send you one, you've made me curious!

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