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Domestic Leagues update 10 Nov & CL&UC GS updates
Summer elagues are getting to the end. On the forum I put a list of the current particiapnt standing. It's almost complete. We have BATE, Kalmar, Levadia as champions.
In CL we are getting in the endfase of the Groupstages, Barca, Sporting and Juve are sure already of spring-CL, but further there are still some intersting fights going on. In general France did very well this week, resulting in a big going upwards in the predicted yearranking'09. Holland in the same time loses ground (part of this is of course the OM-PSV match, but ther is more) and now is not destined to catch up with Romania anymore. Further we also see that Italy is doing well and Turkey seems to be overtaking Ukraine - who was possibly going to get closer to Portugal, but that seems out of reach now. Though it looks now like Sporting and Porto continue in CL, while Kiev and Shakthar continue in UC, where the points lie.......
This mid-week is for domestic cup matches, but still pretty ealrly in the season to mention them all...
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1 Softer   [Entry]
Thank You for Your job.
Very interesting.
How many time it take for You?

Best regards,
Softer, L'viv, Ukraine

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hello Softer,
It depends. For a ' normal' weekend I just have to update all tables of all leagues in my excel sheet change some coloring (because of qualification at the end of the season) and then publish my sheets in excel(fast) and PDF(a bit slower). And then copy it all to this site. Write a little something.
Probably 1-1.5 hours I guess. Problem is that I am also interested in what is happening, so I look at what's happening in all the countries - that's costing too much time.
Unfortunately sometime Soccerway decides to change the names of the teams- then figuring out what is wrong cost some more time.
And then Uefa decides to turn things all over and introduce a new system. THat's a couple of hours work!

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