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Update 29 September
And I updated all the leagues with last weekends match. And we have a new chapion in Iceland: Hafnarfjordur! I wouldn't have seen that one coming 10 days ago, where they were trailing the leader by 8 points. OK with a game in hand, but still.....Well done!
For the calcualtions and in the extended team-ranking, I have used Bert adjusted page with the 20-pct country rule, as that seems to be the new rule for next year. I haven't checked which differences it made comparing the 2 teamrankings in relation to seeding lines in CL and/or UC(sorry EL!)
I'm looking forward to this week, nit because of the Liverpool-PSV match - I fear a big loss for my PSV(see Lyonnais game), but on Thursday 40 teams will drop out. I hope for some big names to drop! And for the Dutch teams to do well NEC and Twente are doing pretty good, and have a chance despite being not-seeded. On the other hand Feyenoord is a mess.....
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1 amir   [Entry]
I think Kalmar should have 2 more points for their win in R1 this year
Answer: resolved

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
You are right, This was based on Bert's new calculation method with 20% countryranking only. But it is apparently not completely up to date.
I will switch back to the 'old' one with 33%.

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