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Update 22 september
And I have updated all info with the results of the CL&UC matches of last week. for UC I still hold on to the seeded team as the one to qualify, as it is still possible.
For CL a few changes have already happened: Shaktar has taken 3rd spot from Basel and Atletico 3rd spot form Marseille, causing already some changes.. I suppose more will follow with next week elimination round, though the number of seede teams being really in real trouble are not that big, though some big names do appear in that list: Benfica, Tottenham, Deportivo, Feyenoord. But a lot still really have to show their seeded status to progress. As I like the underdog I wouldn't mind all these teams to fail, also teams like Everton, Rapid, Dinamo. Of course some of this is influenced by me being Dutch- I would really like to see NEC and Twente (succeed) in Europe.
I also have corrected a number of team-coefficients, I hadn't used the latest names they use on SoccerWay, so I was missing quit a number of team-coefficients. I checked them all again and now they should be correct. Don't hesitate to inform me if I made a mistake (again)
This week is domestic cup week - at least in Holland - next updates you can expect in a week.
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1 Ryan   [Entry]
Great work Ricardo,

I like the improved presentation of the countries in the graph. It's easier to distinguish between them now. I found three teams that have a higher coefficient. Tottenham, Anorthosis, and Haifa.

Keep it up!

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Thanks Ryan,
I went through all teams of all coutnries and thought I had all the correct teamcoefficient now,but unfortunately still not. I got to find an easier way to check this, I run into the same problem a couple of times a year.....
Thanks for this, I will correct them

3 Ricardo   [Entry]
I just checked and indeed Tottenham and Anorthosis I corrected, but Maccabi Haifa has the correct coefficient

4 Ryan   [Entry]
The Haifa coeffiecient is right on the domestic leagues page but incorrect on the 2009 UEFA cup participants page.

5 rakke   [Entry]
Nice to have the sheets back! Really nice work, I usually check them every week.
One mistake however: Anderlecht is both in CLGS as in UC and should be replaced by Mouscron in UC(at this moment)

6 Ricardo   [Entry]
I have found the problem: the UC sheet is old and should be replaced.... The pdf- file is new, but the html-version is old.

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