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Finaly more sheets available
Just in time before the CL-GS and UC-Round 1 starts I have put all the known sheets on my site. I'm sorry it took so long. But still, looking at it, there are some strange clubs appearing in CL, that will surely never make it. The season is stil long....
The only sheet that's missing is the Domestic Cup sheet. I always start late with that, as it's undoable to already cope with it in the early rounds of it. Of course some are already further. I will try to find that out soon (e.g. read the topic on Berts forum :) )
For this week: have fun with all the matches and I hope good results for your facorit team (except when they play a Dutch team of course)
Oh yes, I still have to update the leagoverview sheet to let it contain Q4 in the columns behind the tables (does anybody use those columns actualy, do you know what they were for? I will update them anyway, because I looked at them (sometimes).
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1 neill   [Entry]
Co-efficient for Heart of Midlothian should be 14.868.

Keep up the good work!

2 dinamozagreb   [Entry]
Good work. But one mistake. Partizan coef. is not 4.702 but 20.702.

3 Ricardo   [Entry]
There are some more coefficients wrong. I will have to go through them all. sad I hope to have an upate tomorrow

4 Ryan   [Entry]
Great job Ricardo! Thank you!

5 Zhund0r   [Entry]
nice job Ricardo!
Could you add the last update date to your prediction sheets? That would be very helpful :)

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