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End of the qualifications
Now the qualification rounds have finished, the points are now doubled ( or not halved anymore, what you prefer). There still be a big elimination round with UC first round, but the CL already has their GS starting. It is already getting  a bit clearer how the countries will move to their final position.
I have uploaded the new predicted team&country ranking '09. Clear is that Scotland, Belgium , Ukraine, Czech, Greece, Bulgaria all lost a team, making Turkey suddenly top-candidate for spot 10. Looking at my prediction it shows there is a big fight for 15th spot between Belgium, Czech, Bulgaria and Denmark.
Just for information it is nice to see that there is hardly any light between France and Russia......
Other sheets will follow, but I''m afraid I won't have much time (again) this weekend. I need to sit and do it I know, but please keep patient. Sorry for the inconvenience...
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1 Ryan   [Entry]
Hi Ricardo,

Looks good. However, there are a few inaccurate points recorded for several countries. It's easiest to catch for the countries with the fewest points who've finished all their games. For example, Kazakhstan should have 0.833 not 0.375, Azerbaijan should have 0.666, not 0.000, Moldova has .666 not .333, Ireland should have 2.166 with one team still playing, 1.500, and so on. For countries with more teams stilll playing it's harder to catch inaccuracies, but I think that if the glitch is there for some countries it's there for more.

Thanks for putting up the new prediction sheet,

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