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New Poll: PDF and/or old format?

A few months ago I introduced the pdf-format of my sheets to get the size of the sheets a lot smaller. Though it is a bit slower for me to prepare all the info for this site, I think it is a better format. The questionis, should I also keep delivering the old format, or is it sufficient when only the pdf format will be available. Thanks for replying.

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1 Kaiser   [Entry]
I voted for no, since some people don't have PDF readers...

2 Ryan   [Entry]
I've never looked at the PDF format files. But I have a fast connection. If some people do have a very slow connection and want to keep up the PDF format speak up!

3 Kaiser   [Entry]
plz, vote in the poll wink

4 Cirdan   [Entry]
I voted no, I'd rather have both options, however if I'd have to choose between both, I'd vote for pdf.

5 yveske123   [Entry]
I vote no, because the old format seems - at least to me - much appropriate (format of characters, colours) and easy for eventual printouts.
by the way, where can I find the new results of domestic leagues on this new site (the old site link gives me "web page not found", even for PDF or tyhe old version).
Grtz wink

6 Ricardo   [Entry]
I think I get the general feeling that the old format is enjoyed too. So there are still Microsoft users here too - as I believe other viewers had problems with the format.
OK, I will see what I can do to keep both up to date - and get links to both formats ;-) .

I have started getting other sheets up to date, but I'm sorry to informa you that enyoing my holidays is feeling too good to set aside for these fun sheets. I hope you don't mind too much. Soon it will all be available agin and
that also means the domestic league site. I'm sorry I had hoped to get it up and running sooner.

Bst Rgrds,

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