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Welcome all,
Kaiser has provided me with this fantastic new environment to put my comments on the latest things happening around Europe that influences the teams participating in te European cups this ánd next year.
You can find the links to my sheets ....( I still have to ask Kaiser where I can put my links to my sheets - I guess it's not under site friends, wher you can find links to Bert's site (of course) and to sites of other forum mebers like Forza, Tony and Edgar)

Please write your comments on the enhancements of my site? Do you like it or not? do you think something is missing or something should be left out(for instance my comments could be found useless)

I'd like to thank Kaiser again for his great work in providing me with this site, I still got to learn to work with it.


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1 Kaiser   [Entry]
thx Ricardo, but it's only the very beginning wink

First, you should upload all sheets (File Manager of FTP). Please, don't 'discharge' me from my admin title - if you need help in future (perhaps), I will not be able to change settings otherwise. I will NOT use your site for my purposes - I'm interested in development of your site - It's just practice and free time smile

I'll be out some days during summer - so don't worry if I don't answer you or smth. I'll probably also change the CSS design if you want, since this design isn't 100% handsome imo smile

The only disadvantage of this service (Ucoz) is that it requires a high version of IE, Opera or FireFox for admin to use features.

I'm very glad you have responded on my PM smile

Perhaps you'll also need forum in future - you can trust me wink

For all questions, requests, etc, use this link.

Thanks smile

2 FR-Rinaldo   [Entry]
Hi Ricardo,

Kaiser did (as usual) a great job. Nice lay-out on the site.

3 Edgar   [Entry]
Great job Kaiser!

Best of luck with the new site, Ricardo. I will update the link on my blog.

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