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19 April Prediction for ranking '12 updated
I have made an updated version for team- and countryranking'12. For this I have Fulham as FairPlay participant, so no Liverpool in Europe next season.
Looking at the graph, England is going down, missing Liverpool of course, but still maintaining first position. France is doing well, going back to Portugal. Italy is not going well, playing with low coefficient teams like Napoli, Lazio, Udinese. Belgium passed Denmark for 12th and Scotland made it back in top-15, which they left in March.
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1 Kerzha   [Entry]
Unfortunately it could be a tough season for Denmark. It will be hard for Copenhagen to repeat this season's fantastic play. Pospech, Wendt and Antonsson has already announced that they are leaving and 1-2 players further could leave. Ståle Solbakken is leaving as well, so a totally new coach and a new defense. It can be very tough to even get to the Group Stage. Just look at how close they were at being eliminated by BATE and Rosenborg this season.
And as the other Danish teams doesn't look very well, there's a lot of responsibility on FCK's shoulders. And the other teams have low coefficients apart from OB. AaB with 25.610(seeding into EL Pot3) looks more likely to be relegated than to get an EL spot and Randers with 8.110(seeding in EL Q2 and Q3) is also fighting to avoid relegation right now.

2 Andrey   [Entry]
Rico, hi! Big jobe! Well done! Respect for you!
Again erorr (little):
At the http://uclpredictions.ucoz.com/1112/pred_team12.htm
136� Karpaty Lviv�������������� Ukr��� 12.194� (8.977())
but Karpaty in the start season 11/12 have 9,476

3 Ricardo   [Entry]
I found the error. It is because of the minimal 2 points in the EL groupstage. I had abusively set it to 1.5.
The same happened to Lausanne Sports. They also recieve 0.500 extra in the next update (soon)

Thanks for pointing me this out!

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