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17 December EL MD 6 in
Despite losing 2 Italian teams, Italian ranking prediction went up and Germans down. That is because, a.o. HSV losing their first spot to Hapoel and this way, according to my sheets, be eliminated in EL-1/16F.
Of course now we are awaiting the draw tomorrow. It will not affect my sheets, maybe for the 1/8th final, but FOr ourselves we can see more clear what the chances are of the teams to get further.
It's clear that top 9-12 (Portugal, Holland, Turkey and Greece) are all getting closer this year to 6-8(Russia, Ukraine and ROmania. OK ROmania will drop out of this hard next year, but further next year will be a very interesting battle
Why am I talking about next year this year is already extremely close: Look at Portugal, Holland and Turkey, all got 2-3 teams in and not light teams. Generaly in the EL are mostly big names/teams are playing. This might become a great EL year (if the teams are interested).
Pay attention to the draw!
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1 Villian   [Entry]
When will be updates of Prediction CL participants?

2 Ricardo   [Entry]
oops, sorry. :(
As I am currently enjoying my holidays ;) I'm afraid it will be only at the start of January, that I will be able to update it. I'm sorry that I'm not very reliable the last months. Now that things are getting more important, I will be trying to keep it moer up te dated.

3 Villian   [Entry]
Thank's for answer. You have good site and very interested for me

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