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10 december CL MD6 in
Finally a new update from me. Sorry for this. It's a bit crazy at home and at work I didn't see it coming this bad. A bit of illness added and I'm a month out of date. phew.
Well the CL GS is finished now and we know the best 16 of Europe for this season: 3 English, 3 Spanish, 3 Italian, 2 German, 2 French, 1 Russian, 1 Portuguese, that's quite nice according to the ranking. Only 1 'strange' addition was Greece, but if only AZ had been like last year, they might have been taken that second spot and it would be perfect according to the ranking (not takaing into account the exceptional scores Romania and Ukraine made, causing the current ranking a bit to be off balance)
In EL next week still half of the 48 teams will play their last match. And then it will be a lon waiting for the february round
P.S. for now only pdf files are uploaded. rest will follow soon.
13/12: html files are up too.
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1 larare   [Entry]
Great to have you back. I can't find out why you've given Denmark, Norway and Sweden the FP-spots i your EL-predictions, but idf Sweden would get a spot i Believ Gefle IF would take it (see link)


2 Ricardo   [Entry]
Hi Lars,
The FairPlay spots are always the ones that are not certain till June. Often there is a half-way mentioning in December. If that appears I will use that half-way table. And why I took Denmark Norway, Sweden? Because these stats are often on top of this ranking. Not really spend much time on it.

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