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Main » 2012 » July » 4 » New list of endstage of the teams used for my predictions
New list of endstage of the teams used for my predictions
I added a list of al teams that participate in the european matches and gave the endstage which the teeam is expected to reach according to my predictions.
The list is order by country alfabetically. Behind the country name is the number of points the teams gather for the countrycoefficient (so without the bonus points the team gets for reaching a certain qualification stage or even the groupstage)
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1 Zaporozhets  
the spammers are targeting your site. It looks like they noticed that you abandoned taking care of it. We are looking forward to see you back broadcasting here. Your updates and prediction sheets are very interesting to read for football fans.

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2 Ricardo  
Yes I keep deleting and deleting. And blocking the IP's but there are everytime new ones. I hope they stop as soon as I start having more regular updates. I fear not.

Sorry for all of this.

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