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17 April quarterfinals CL/EL included
I have updated the prediction for the team- and countryranking'11 after the quarterfinals. Almost all teams who won in the first leg also won the second leg. In the end there were only a few matches that gor really exciting. You could say Chelsea was hopefull for 1 minute. PSV made it unexpectedly exciting till the 45th minute. And Dynamo Kiev kept their hopes up till the last minute, though I think  it was based on score, not relly on their play.
Now up to the semi finals. Will Real Madrid find a way to beat the unbeatable Barca? And will Schalke surprise again. Man United have been tricked before by an unexpected team - Porto, though more lesser teams came far at that time still.
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1 ymovchun  
Hi Ricardo,
Great prediction site, the best one! Could you update the prediction file according last results in CL and EL?

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2 Ricardo  
I will update tomorrow with latest domestic league results of this weekend. OK?

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3 ymovchun  
Thank you so much!!

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