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3 March EL 1/16 round is in and latest domestic league results
Finally a new update. Sorry for being so late. I got personal troubles with computers lately. Well you can find the latest info now available again.
For countryranking all decisions have taken place except 1: who will be 6th. Portugal has, in my opinion, still the best chance, but might CSKA eliminate Porto, then all still remains to be seen. Personally I hope of course that the Dutch teams will eliminate the Russians, despite it will be helping the Portuguese becoming 6th..
It also becomes clear to me that this year the top-3 is a clear top-3 and not with a possible 4th or even 5th team belonging to it. There is a big gap between Germany and Italy. Though Germany still has to do better in CL. Maybe if Schalke and Bayern both will make it to the quarters. Though it would sound strange, with the struggling both teams have in German league.
Also it's clear that CL is for top 3/5, as 15 out of 16 are from top 5. And EL is for the coutries 6-9, as 10 out of 16 come from those countries. Now up to coming 2 weeks are good for how 6-9 will develop in near future. Can Holland catch up? Who will get 6th spot this year, who will get the advantage for next years 6th spot.
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1 Andrey   [Entry]
Hi, Rico! Respect and thank for update! Finally:)
Some questions:
1) You forgot about PorUC4 Nacional Madeira 8.919 UQ2UQ3UQ4?
2) "Also it's clear that CL is for top 3/5, as 15 out of 16 are from top 5" - 14 out of 16 (Shakthar and Kopenhagen)

2 Amir   [Entry]
It may be hard to program, but I think Shalke should be in EL instead of the the 6th in the league.

3 Andrey   [Entry]
To Amir.
And if Duisburg will win at Shalke?
Не тупи

4 Ricardo   [Entry]
1)yes, it should have been 12.919
2) yes again

I'll put Schalke as Cupwinner for now, you are right this is better

5 Alex   [Entry]
Three small errors. The number of rounds is wrong in 14 Belgium with 10, 20 Israel with 5 and 49 Northern Ireland with 5

6 Ricardo   [Entry]
Sorry Alex, but what do you mean? Which sheet are we talking about and what do you mean?

7 Andrey   [Entry]
Hi, Rico!
He (Alex) has mean, if I do not wrong:
number of rounds in Belgian liga (Jupiler Pro League), Israelian Ligat ha'Al and Premier League of Nordireland.
And Rico, we with impatience wait the updates… taking into account error correction:)

8 Ricardo   [Entry]
Aaah, I get it.
I will update it. Soon the play-offs will start and I don't know yet how to put that in my sheets. Probably not :(, just no definitive selection.
No interest in waiting till Friday? I can try an update tonight.

9 Andrey   [Entry]
Lets and today and on Friday!:)))
If you have spare time, we will be thankful!

10 Kerzha   [Entry]
Maybe relax a bit Andrey. I know the Shahktar win has probably been good for Ukraine, but i would find it fair to wait to at least friday. Then more games will have counted and there will have happened more.

It's a very pleasant service you get for free.

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